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Central Laboratory
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of Non-Ferrous Metals
Division in Poznań

Central Laboratory
of Batteries and Cells

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Department of New Technologies for Energy Storage

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Within the tasks of Department of New Technologies for Energy Storage are:

  • Research, R&D, technology and application work in the field of:
    • lithium battries and cells
    • alkaline batteries (NiMH, NiCd, nickel-zinc and silver-oxide batteries)
    • fuel cells
    • PV cells
    • electrochemical capacitors;
  • Development of hybride power sources, including the application of renewable energy sources;
  • Design, synthesis, modification, physicochemical and electrochemical characterization of hydrogen storage materials, including multicomponent metal alloys, carbon-carbon composites, carbon-metal/carbon-metal oxide and conducting polymer-metal/carbon nanostructure;

Multichannel fuel cell tester TYPE: PowerStation™ Ultima (Electrochem)

PS Ultima is a three-module device destinated to complete testing of PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cells. The device operates in the ranges as follow:

Reaction gas temperature: 10 – 90°C
Fuel cell temperature: od 10 do 90°C
Gas pressure: od 0 bar do 4,5 bar
Fuel and oxidizer flow speed: max 2000 ml/min (at 100% humidifying at 75°C)

A control unit allows for simultaneous control of flow parameters of five independent fuel cells. It is possible to turn off the humidifying process of reaction gas for one stand.

PS Ultima has also a electric measurement module of parametres:

Power– max 800W;
Voltage measurement range: 0-10V( accuracy 0,5%), 0-20V(accuracy 0,25%) and 0-50V(accuracy 0,25%);
Current measurement range: 0 – 2A (accuracy 0,5%), 0-20A (accuracy 0,25%) and 0 – 150 A (accuracy 0,25%);

It is possible to connect other measuring systems as for example potentiostats/galvanostats VMP-3 with its own parametres and testing programmes.
The device allows for DMFC systems testing.

CHNS ELEMENTAR ANALYSER TYPE: Vario Micro Cube CHNS (Elementar Analysensysteme)

The device serve to simultaneous C,H,N,S elements determination using a Thermal Conductivity Detector from one sample. Apart from analyser, the device includes: microbalance (Mettler Toledo), a calculate-control unit and a system for oxygen marking.

The determination ranges:

C: 0,004 – 10 mg C
H: 0,002 – 2 mg H
N: 0,001 – 2 mg N
S: 0,005 – 1 mg S
O: 0,005 – 2 mg O

Single-zone tube furnace TYPE: PR-90/1300

The tube furnace has the following parameters:

Maximal furnace temperature: 1250°C;
Maximal operating temperature with use of quartz reactor: 1150°C;
Temperature stability in spot: ≤1°C;
Quartz reactive tube:  55 mm, L=ok.1200mm;
Length of homogenous temperature zone ±10oC: L=250 mm;
Gas systems:

  • rotameter Brooks N2 50 dcm3/h
  • rotameter Brooks CO2 30 dcm3/h
  • rotameter Brooks C2H2 20 dcm3/h

Compact arc furnace TYPE: MAM-1 (Edmund Bühler GmbH)

The arc furnace is dedicated to melting of metallic samples of laboratory scale (sample weight of ca. 10g)

Smelting temperature is 3500°C. Smelting is performed in argon atmosphere under 1.5 bar pressure.

Ash house capacity: 1.1 dm3.

High-power ball mill TYPE: SPEX 8000M (SPEX SamplePrep LLC)

The ball mill SPEX SamplePrep 8000-series Mixer/Mills is laboratory equipment enabling grounding of samples of ca. 10g.

During grounding the high-power ball mill makes samples viber (1080 vibrations per minute) and the balls make very frequent 8-shape movements.

Multichannel potentiostats/galvanostats

The devices enable electrochemical measurements of systems in the current range from 2µA to 12A at max. voltage 6V.

Katarzyna Lota, Ph. D.

tel.:+48 61 27 97 808
mobile: +48 510 273 460
e-mail :

Element content analysis of C/N/H/S/O in solid samples;

Testing and assessment of materials used in energy storage devices;

Electrochemical characterization of materials used in energy storage devices;

High-energy milling;

Charge and discharge characteristics for batteries, cells and electrochemical capacitors;

Expert consultancy on lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, electrochemical capacitors, fuel cells and PV cells;

Expert assessment of commercial lithium batteries and cells, alkaline batteries and electrochemical capacitors;

Manufacture and testing of small scale laboratory alkaline cells (button and prismatic shape);

Precise testing using variety of electroanalytical techniques;

Material pulverizing by cyclic hydrogen absorption-desorption;

Efficiency testing of photovoltaic cells in outdoor conditions;

Efficiency testing of fuel cells (up to 500W);

of Non-Ferrous Metals
Division in Poznań

Central Laboratory
of Batteries and Cells

of Non-Ferrous Metals
Division in Poznań

Central Laboratory
of Batteries and Cells

tel.: +48 61 27 97 800

fax: +48 61 27 97 897